"Movie good for Ed!"

The 8-Hour Monster Movie Marathon was an event that was only mentioned in "Knock Knock Who's Ed?" The movie marathon seemed to be composed mostly of B-grade horror films. One of the main highlights of the marathon seemed to be a movie involving a cyclops, as seen on a page in Ed's TV Guide. The movie that Ed watched at the end of the episode involved a cyclops that apparently blinked its victims to death.

Ed was the one most interested in the marathon, doing his utmost to remember it was on and not to miss it. He was also the only one who ended up enjoying the movies, as when it came on TV, both Edd and Eddy were immediately bored by it. However, Edd and Eddy were forced to watch it by Ed, who refused to let the two, along with Rolf, leave until the marathon was finished.


  • As with Robot Rebel Ranch, Ed already seemed to know everything about the current movie. It is possible though, that he had seen the movie or read a plot summary beforehand.
  • The movies are in black-and-white; reminiscent of the B-monster movies from the 1950s' and 1960s'. This is further reinforced by Edd and Eddy's observations of the very low production values.