A Spoonful Of Ed Comic HD

A preview of the comic strip.

A Spoonful of Ed is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic strip. In the comic, Ed's teeth are being checked by Edd because Ed hasn't brushed his teeth. It was published by DC Comics in Cartoon Network Block Party Issue #11. 


Double D is checking Ed's teeth and Eddy ask Ed when was the last time he brushed his teeth. Edd explained that soon Ed's lack of hygiene will led to a plethora of cavities and decay. After he explains, he turns on the water hose full to Ed's mouth for him to rinse. As Ed's mouth is filled up with water, Eddy says what's the point, that there is no money in people's teeth. Edd then lets Ed to rinse and spit to the bucket, but because Ed's mouth is filled with water, he spits out to Eddy with a large amount of water from his mouth, throwing Eddy out. The comic ends there.


Edd: (checking Ed's teeth) "Good gracious, Ed! The condition of your teeth is deplorable!"
Eddy: (shouting to Ed) "Yeah, mungmouth! It's like a row of gravestones in there! When was the last time you brushed?"
Edd: "As you can see Eddy...Ed's lack of hygiene can led to a plethora of cavities and decay!"
Eddy: "So Lumpy's head is rotting? What's the point? There ain't no people's teeth!"
Edd: "Rinse and spit, Ed!" (Edd grabs the bucket. Ed spits violently, spewing a wave of backwash at Eddy.)


Cartoon Network Block Party Issue #11


  • The title is a reference of "A Spoonful of Sugar."
  • This comic strip is also available in The3Eds.
  • Ed's teeth being checked by Edd is probably a reference to "Floss Your Ed."
  • Ed has no lines in this comic.

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