A Baby Blue Gym Sock.

Baby Blue Gym Socks are rare flowers, according to Edd, in the world of Ed, Edd n Eddy. Baby Blue Gym Socks have blue petals, green stems, and yellow stigmas. Baby Blue Gym Socks first appeared in "An Ed Too Many," when Edd gave it to Sarah. A hybrid of a rose and a Baby Blue Gym Sock appeared in "A Fistful of Ed." Jimmy claimed that only hands "as gentle as hummingbirds' wings" could have cross-pollinated them.


  • In the world of Ed, Edd n Eddy, it is unknown why they are called Baby Blue Gym Socks. Perhaps whoever named the flower species was a gym fanatic or maybe the flower resembled baby-sized blue real gym socks. They could also be related to a plant that had an obvious resemblance to a gym sock; however this is all speculation. One may even speculate that the odor resembles that of smelly gym socks and earned its name thusly.
  • Edd cross-pollinated a Baby Blue Gym Sock with a rose in a "A Fistful of Ed," thus earning Jimmy's trust in him.