Now do you see the importance of extensive testing?

—Edd, after the berry destroys Jimmy's House

The Baking Powder Vapor Berry was an untested spy gadget created by Edd and shown in "In Like Ed." Its function was to create a smokescreen-like cloud, allowing time for quick escapes. When used in real life, however, it's capable of creating a massive explosion capable of destroying a house. It was used when the Eds were caught at Jimmy's birthday party. It is one of five experimental machines that Edd has devised. To fool others, it is shaped like a jawbreaker.

Construction Items

  • Baking Powder (Fuel)
  • Two Halves of Fake Jawbreaker (Magazine)
  • Duct Tape (Holds the two Pieces together)


The Eds found out that Kevin wasn't doing anything suspicious and that it was actually a birthday party for Jimmy. In order to save themselves from the Kids' wrath, Eddy threw the jawbreaker-shaped explosive onto the floor. It exploded, covering everything in Baking Powder and (somehow) demolishing Jimmy's house, but the Eds still got their beatings.


  • It could be the most powerful weapon in the series, as it was able to demolish an entire house with just one usage.


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