Edd and Jimmy fighting.

The Battle at the Pit was a staged (or at least it was supposed to be) fight between Edd and Jimmy at the Pit to clear Edd's mistakenly violent history in "A Fistful of Ed." The fight was set up when Jimmy saw Edd bloom a flower that was a cross between a rose and a Baby Blue Gym Sock, which allowed Jimmy to understand that Edd was still gentle and that all the earlier instances were just accidents. The kids knew about the battle when Kevin heard Edd and Jimmy saying to meet at The Pit and told everyone else about it. When it was time, Eddy, Ed, and the kids all gathered to watch the fight. When the fight started, Edd and Jimmy started to gently fight each other. However, Eddy started to throw hot dogs at Jimmy's face and taunt him. Edd and Jimmy tried to continue the staged fight, but Eddy kept on throwing more hot dogs and insults at Jimmy. This caused Jimmy to go after Eddy, Edd tried to restrain Jimmy, but ended up hurting him in the process. This caused Jimmy to snap and start to seriously fight Edd, even slamming Edd into the dumpster, causing Eddy to fall off. Afterwards, Edd was seriously injured and Jimmy calmed down but didn't know what happened. The kids then cheered and paraded Jimmy away. Despite all of the Eds being hurt, Edd lost his violent reputation, Ed regained trust for Edd, and Eddy even managed to stand up against the Kanker Sisters when they started to tease Edd. So all and all, the fight actually had a positive outcome.


  • When Eddy was taunting Jimmy, he mentions the instance in "One Size Fits Ed" where the Eds turned Jimmy into a sumo wrestler.


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