• Jspyster1

    After browsing some old Ed, Edd n Eddy fan-sites using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine I came across a link to the website of Reel West Magazine where apparently they did an interview with Danny Antonucci for their June/July issue back in 2000. Here's the link:

    A tidbit I found interesting in the interview was how Danny stated how he thought it was cool how people and the TV executives would hate his guts for producing the weird and edgy kinda animation he enjoyed making and that he was doing it for the art -so to speak- rather than the money. After being pigeon-holed into making commercials he decided to branch out and make s…

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  • Carlos2295

    This cel sold for $305.00 USD plus $8.65 shipping, making the total $313.65. This was likely due to it having the Eds and all the kids on it. It's the most expensive one I've seen yet. I would love to get a hold of one of these, but I'm trying to keep it under $100.

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  • Carlos2295

    Saw this pizza brand called Wild Mikes at Walmart. Which not so bright character does he seem reminiscent to?

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  • SBolton123

    Forgot to post this, but a few weeks back I found a copy of the Mis-Edventures for GBA still sealed on eBay. Casually searching up more Eds merchandise and came across this, the whole thing only costed less than $11 (free shipping from Thailand). This copy of the game is a European version with descriptions in both UK English and French. The one thing I find odd on the back cover, is the fact the bottom screenshot is from the PS2/GC/XBox version of the game. Surprisingly, the postage for this was really quick, managed to arrive here four days before the intended estimated delivery time.

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  • SBolton123

    I've been checking the wiki here every day, trying to earn the Part-Time Scammer badge, which involves contributing to the wiki every day for 60 days. Now I guarentee I've been coming back every day, but for some reason the whole thing resets to one or two days, I just had 23 out of 60 days done, and I am uterlly angry... I feel as thought I'm doing something wrong, maybe logging on at a certain time if I screw up? I just want some advice on how to earn this badge without screwing up. I also feel like I should set a reminder every day, even though I can mostly easily remember to come back here often as the Eds are one of the first few things on my mind at all times.

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  • Carlos2295

    I found a promotional Ed, Edd n Eddy trading card on eBay. This one appears to be from a line of Nestlé products called Ice Screamers. I don't know much about the product itself, but I can tell this card is old, as it uses the pre mid-2004 logo. I picked it up for only $6.10 USD total. Either way, period EEnE merchandise is hard to come by, so I just had to get it.

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  • Carlos2295

    I'm moving from California to North Carolina next week. It's been great living here, but there is so much more opportunity out there. There are better colleges and a more relaxed (and cheaper) way of life. I may be absent for a week and a half as we drive across and get our internet set up. Regardless, I will still be on the wiki as always. Other than my location, nothing else is changing here.

    Edit: I'm in NC now. After several days on the road, I made it in last night. I don't have everything to set up my computer yet, so I'm posting this from my phone. I hope to get right back to editing by next week.

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  • Carlos2295

    I found this cel on eBay (I've been searching a lot lately). The backgrounds often do not match the character pose on cels, as sellers aim to create a "scene" by Frankensteining them together. Eddy's pose looks like he's on a bed or in the Retro Van. As for the background, I have no idea. Anyone have some insight?

    Edit: I found it! I had a hunch it was from "Dueling Eds," when Eddy was trying to avoid fighting Rolf.

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  • SBolton123

    EEnE Merch ON eBay

    April 21, 2017 by SBolton123

    Sometime either last month or before, a few copies of the limited edition Ed, Edd n Eddy statue based from the episode "Dawn of the Eds" is up for sale on eBay, they only made 1000 of these in the entire world so they're heck of a collector's item. Anyways the two copies for sale, one in the US for $625 ($832.45 AUD) plus $50 postage ($66.60 AUD), and another in Australia for just $300 ($400 AUD), free postage. Now if I had the right amount of money, I woulda obviously gone for the cheaper one, and since I live in Australia, I'd get it quicker than the one from the US.…

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  • Carlos2295

    3 Animation Cels

    April 21, 2017 by Carlos2295

    Here are three animation cels I found on eBay. The first two are a little expensive ($160 each), but I think I can afford the last one.

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  • Carlos2295

    I'm looking to buy this animation cel, but I can't figure out what episode it's form. I looked at "Honor Thy Ed" and the Big Picture Show, but nothing matched.

    Update: The final bid price went for $52USD. I decided not to go for it. I'll try bidding on another one again when I have more money. Plus, it would be worth it a little more to know exactly what episode it comes from. The shipping was also another $8.65.

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  • SBolton123

    Gallery pages

    March 17, 2017 by SBolton123

    Recently this year, I've been adding and replacing images on pages with high quality ones I found from Google, but later ended up taking screenshots from my EEnE DVDs to replace the ones I uploaded, just so they're the same dimensions. When I was uploading new images, I noticed there can be an infinite number on one page, but Xydux recommended a minimum of 50 per page since scrolling down would take forever to reach the bottom, then Carlos2295 decided around 50 is too much since he started minimizing the amount on one page for now, but with that amount it doesn't feel like enough images are provided for something, almost as if it weren't gving full detail.

    The other week, I sent a message to Carlos about making gallery pages for the episode…

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  • Carlos2295


    March 5, 2017 by Carlos2295

    Inkscape is a free vector image creation software, similar to Adobe Illustrator. If some of us here could learn it, we could recreate the PNG's of the kids to much higher quality. It would also lighten the workload on SBolton :-). As a video game design student, I'm trying to learn as many industry standard software's I can, including this one. Here's the first character I've recreated, it's Travis of the Cosmos from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

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  • Carlos2295

    How to Rip a DVD

    February 22, 2017 by Carlos2295

    This is a very brief guide on how to rip a DVD. If you have any questions, ask me in the comments.

    1. Download and install HD Decrypter. It is bundled as part of DVDFab 9. The paid version of the software can rip and encode, but we're doing it the free way. All you get for free is the ability to decrypt a copy protected DVD. This alone is perfect.
    2. Insert DVD into disc drive and open the software.
    3. If ripping a season box set, each episode can be ripped individually. The entire disc can be ripped into one long movie, but it's a lot more practical to have individual episodes.
    4. There will be a plus sign underneath the main title, click it to view each episode.
    5. You only need to rip the first of a pair, such as 1(1). You do not need to rip 1(2).
    6. By defaul…
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  • Carlos2295


    February 19, 2017 by Carlos2295

    I've always thought it would be cool if we had a convention related to the show. We could rent out a space and have fans of the show come over. If possible, we may even be able to get Danny himself along with the rest of the show. The wiki itself could have a booth and do a meet and greet with the admins. We could also give out physical copies of the wiki in the form of an encyclopedia, something I've also wanted to do. We could even recreate Chunky Puffs and some of the Eds' scams. I think it would be a blast.

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  • Myles.

    March 11!

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  • Xydux

    This is the debate page for whether the episode and script pages related to the Cartoon Network Invaded episodes that are not "The Eds are Coming" should be kept or removed. Discuss below.

    Debate will cease at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on January 15th.

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  • Suneohone2002

    An ice storm is going to hit. Power will probably be down. Sorry. Sincerely, Suneohone2002 (talk) 04:02, January 13, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Suneohone2002


    January 13, 2017 by Suneohone2002

    Okay, so, This is the link to the Roblox game. Play it. Yes.

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  • Suneohone2002

    Off topic post

    January 11, 2017 by Suneohone2002

    Read this first. As you can see, the roblox user Honekawa is a happy user, but they have a problem. It is: The Roblox Guest. Honekawa does not like these users. You have been Eddyrickrolled! Suneohone2002 (talk) 03:28, January 11, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Suneohone2002

    Box head

    January 10, 2017 by Suneohone2002
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  • Suneohone2002

    Ed, Edd n Eddy

    January 9, 2017 by Suneohone2002

    This should be reran. Suneohone2002 (talk) 23:45, January 9, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Suneohone2002

    Dang it!

    January 9, 2017 by Suneohone2002

    Happy Tree Friends is still alive, I was hoping it was dead. Suneohone2002 (talk) 23:29, January 9, 2017 (UTC)

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  • GlambertGirl84

    This whole entire idea of The Kankers having a crushes on/obsessions with The Eds is so getting old and way out of hand. They have been since their very first episode appearance but only as recurring characters. No one likes them together The Eds hate them. Why can't the Kankers love someone else like Jonny, Rolf and Kevin? Then it would be better as the following pairings down as the way it should've been and seen from below:

    LeexKevin, MariexRolf and MayxJonny

    But first, Rolf needs to stop referencing everything of from is his country and get used to life in Peach Creek and in The Cul-De-Sac. Jonny can talk with Plank once in a while, except for only a little bit. And as for Kevin, he'll still keep his bicycle, it can be extended a little …

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  • Xydux

    Status Report for 2016

    December 28, 2016 by Xydux

    This blog is a wrap-up of what’s happened on the wiki throughout the year along with an outline of some projects yet to be completed or that will probably be undertaken next year. The main part of the blog is going to talk about what projects might happen over the course of 2017. This blog will be updated periodically; as soon as a project is completed, the title of it will be struck through.

    Once again, a high priority is to get rid of worthless trivia that doesn't really add anything. So here's a rundown of what to keep and what to definitely not keep:

    • Keep:
      • Goofs
      • Fourth Wall Breaks
      • Interesting tidbits about the episode
      • Continuity nods
      • Continuity gaffes
    • Remove:
      • "This is the nth time a character appeared/did not appear" (with the exception of the F…

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  • Myles.

    Myles' Merchandise

    December 20, 2016 by Myles.

    Welcome! I can't even remember when I first said I'd share my merch with y'all. Biggest shoutout ever to my pa for finding a way to get all these for me. Love you, pa. Most of these were given to me as Christmas and birthday presents. Alright, without any further ado, here is my Ed, Edd n Eddy merch I've collected over the years.

    This is an Ed, Edd n Eddy towel I received from the Christmas of 2015 I believe. I rarely ever use this towel, because I'm just so afraid the color will fade. Rest assured, I have shown it off to my peers on more than one occasion during the summer!

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  • Juniorbf41


    December 15, 2016 by Juniorbf41

    Hello friends I would like to request a partners ship between this wii and brazilian wiki of ed,edd n eddy created by me.

    Is that the brazilian  ed,edd n eddy wiki already very little information ad a lot of it was incorrect so tant is decided to create a new one as few pages so i would like to ask permission for me and other users to turn the pages of this wiki with google translate and copy and paste there changing the names and and phrases translated literally to those used in Brazil.

    Remembering that the credit goes to you as form of thanks having given us this right.down what you think of the idea these two wikis can become partners !

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  • Juniorbf41

    new wikis

    December 5, 2016 by Juniorbf41

    read on translate google  portuguese by ingles

    gostaria de propor ua parceria entre a wikia brasileira fundada por mim e essa wikia americana,para traduzirmos os artigos de uma opr outra.

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  • YandereSimPlayer13

    Hello there, I have something interesting to show you:

    We all use to love Ed, Edd n Eddy during our childhoods and some of us still love it to this day, I am one of those people. From my childhood I wanted to have all the Ed, Edd n Eddy DVDs, so I could keep all the episodes to watch forever, but it costs MONEY, then, when I got older, I thought of another solution: why not download all the Ed, Edd n Eddy episodes on iTunes and then put them all into empty DVD disks, but in order to download a season load of Ed, Edd n Eddy episodes on iTunes, you have to PAY MONEY...So fast forward to 3 months ago from now, I thought of downloading all the Ed, Edd n Eddy episodes from Youtube and DailyMotion and put them all in several empty DVD disks - Hom…

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  • Double D 22

    Eddy:There a misunderstanding here,but well be rejected no matter what so we'll have to fight Edd:Fighting each other wouldn't make your problems solved Ed:Bad for Ed

    Eddy:If girls want to put up a fight,we will give them one

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  • Double D 22

    Team:Characters In The Bet:Annoying Habit:Last Bet Placement

    B:Ed:Eating Gravy:1st

    B:Edd:Using big words:5th


    B:Lincoln:Reading comics in his underwear:2nd

    G:Lori:Calling her BF:6th

    G:Leni:Saying "Like":11th

    G:Luna:British accent:8th


    G:Lynn:Everything is a sport:9th

    G:Lucy:Creeping up on others:10th

    G:Lana:Mud plying:7th

    G:Lola:Looking in the mirror:3rd

    G:Lisa:Science experiments:4th


    Reward 1st:$3 2nd:$1.50 3rd:$0.75


    1st:Ed-His allegicness to Butterscotch made Lily cry when his face swelled from jumping into the butterscotch pudding that Eddy order for his revenge for losing the last bet.Reward:$3

    2nd:Lily-She cried when looking at Ed's face,being frightened,she cried thinking Ed is a monster.…

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  • J.d. Sadler


    September 14, 2016 by J.d. Sadler

    just seeing if the blog works

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  • Double D 22

    (Wind blows peacefully)Ed Edd N Eddy Presents The Vacation Edventures(All the houses are shown)By Danny Antonucci.

    Edd:(Walking down humming)

    Eddy:HIYA DOUBLE D.(Screaming)

    Edd:Hi Eddy,remember not to scream to me it scares me.(Shaking)

    Eddy:Yeah,Yeah lets go get Lumpy

    Ed:Hi Eddy what are we doing today? (Happily Smiling)

    (Arwings woosh through the air)

    Pilot 1:(Loudspeaker)rAttention,all humans you will now suffer the wrath of the arwings by destroying everything here.

    Edd:Oh dear


    Rolf:Ed boys,run for your lives as this is the end of the world.

    Kevin:I'm out of here

    Edd:Gentlemen,I sugI'mgest were must go to the junkyard

    Eddy:Agree with you Sockhead

    Ed:Double D's has the plan

    (The Eds run in horror)

    (Scene 2)

    Edd:(At the junkya…

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  • Double D 22

    An attack was planned at the Cul Da Sac its worser than the Eds expected.The Eds decided to run away from Peach Creek Estates for good and seek help to get revenge on the invaders by going around the world and though dimensions




    The Kids

    The Louds:











    Mario Bros:



    Star Fox:

    Fox Mccloud

    Falco Lombardi

    Lyoko Warriors:

    Jeremy Belpois

    Aelita Stones

    Odd Della Robia

    Ulrich Stern

    Yumi Ishiyama





    CHAPTER 1:Beginning

    It was a beautiful day in the Cal Da Sac.The Eds were getting ready for a great scam the Eddy planned.Rolf comes running telling The boys to flee for their lives.All the kids are also running.Then a group of arwings flew by.The pilots tell that all life in the Cul Da …

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  • Shadowfan682

    An Update on Life.

    July 15, 2016 by Shadowfan682

    Hey there. So you remember me, right? Well, I haven't used Wikia in a long time, so pardon my *ahem* poor writing skills.

    Yeah, that's obviously a Pink Floyd reference in there. But I've been going casually in life. I actually am 14 years old now, and I'm going into High School. A lot's changed. Things that have changed I can go on for hours writing, but let's get some other things outta the way. My name is Donovan, I have Aspergers/ADHD, and I'm a PC Gamer with surreal antics. So things that have changed include that my cat Sebastian passed away, but we have a puppy I call Munch. (His actual name is Max, but because I'm dubbed his chew toy, I named him after one of my favorite Oddworld characters). Another thing worth mentioning is that I'…

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  • Kaizo Nochi


    June 13, 2016 by Kaizo Nochi

    Hey everyone. I just joined today. Want to chat, feel free to do so.

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  • Jake HD

    what the hell happened to the episode list it was my favorite ;(

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  • Carlos2295


    May 27, 2016 by Carlos2295

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be visiting family back east and will be gone for 16 days. I should still be able to edit while I'm gone. This is just as a heads up though.

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  • Zman12346

    After the events of the show, Eddy realized that he and his friends had to change if they were going to be liked by society. They decided that if no one liked them, they would have to make themselves liked.

    Eddy realized his biggest mistake was that he wasn't honest. That he didn't tell the truth when he should and so no one could trust him.  After realizing his flaws, he put a blonde wig onto his head and began wearing a cowboy hat. He also began wearing a mouthpiece so that whenever he spoke, his voice sounded much more pleasant and gentle. He renamed himself "AppleJack" and declared himself the "Element of honesty". He also found himself a new outfit after realizing that wearing his old outfit brought back painful memories of when he was…

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  • Myles.

    How's everyone?

    April 9, 2016 by Myles.

    Wassup peeps!

    Your boy's graduating high school! Holy hell I can't wait to leave that hellhole. These past four years haven't been kind to me. But I'm excited as F#@$ to graduate and start college. My options are either a community college or a university in LA, not too far from where I live. I hope I attend the latter! And hopefully my college schedule won't be too hectic. Damn, I've missed this place. I saw Doc was here briefly late last year, and I'm saddened I was absent during his return. From what I see, Jspy, Kirkland, Xydux, WhitePinoy, and Carlos are the only active peeps I still recognize who still guard this wiki.

    So how's it going?

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  • Zman12346

    Here's my opinion of what will really happen in the future of the "cul de sac". If things continue as they are

    In the future, Kevin has becomed the unquestioned master of the world. He has raised taxes tenfold and placed mind control caps onto almost everyone on the planet, making them his helpless slaves. He rules the world with a dark heart with Rolf, Johnny and Jimmy as his minions. He has other minions too who are just as evil as he is (e.g Rainbow dash, Shadow)

    He has banned christmas, laughter and joy in the world for everyone except him and his evil minions. 

    He took over the world by building a huge army of people loyal to him and ordering them to launch a huge attack on the world. Because his army was so huge and so evil, no one coul…

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  • Lt Snow 911

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the wiki only joining today and I'm glad to help out with the wiki as much as possible. I've been a massive fan of the show since 2003 and it summed up my childhood. Growing up in a dead-end court there was me and my triplet brothers and a mate of ours and we were always outcasts to the neighborhood kids and this sparked massive wars and battles in the court. Anyway, I will help out as much as I can with the wiki. Bye everyone and have a good one.

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  • Zman12346

    I believe the following would have made the show much better than it was.

    1.(most important)  Nazz should side with the Eds and not be against them like she was. Episodes where Nazz admired Kevin and gave him so many cheers (Like the openings of the episodes "this won't hurt an Ed" and "see no Ed") are episodes that suck. Nazz's completely uncaring attitude torwards the harsh treament the Eds recieved was one of the things I hated on the show. I hate the fact Nazz gives Kevin (the main antogonist of the show) so much attention while completely ignoring the Eds.

    In most of the episodes where the Eds are locked in a cage at the end of the episode, Nazz refuses to help them and simply shrugs it off. She should instead be rushing to their aid.


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  • Zman12346

    Is Nazz evil

    March 7, 2016 by Zman12346

    So I've been wondering to myself for a while now.  Is Nazz, a good or evil character.

    Because if you look closely at the episoes in the show, you'll see that she is nearly as bad as Kevin.

    One great example of this is in the episode "to sir with Ed". In that episode, Nazz left Eddy with his tounge sticking out of the door on a diaper while she partied with the other kids. Now that is just downright cruelty because anyone with a heart would clearly see Eddy was in need of help then. Would it have been too much trouble to open the door so Eddy could get his tounge out and not bleed to death. Nazz practically left Eddy to die, is that what a nice person does?

    The main reasons I think Nazz is a bad person are

    1. In many episodes where the Eds are …

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  • Ranger-X

    The three Eds was one of the greatest shows I ever watched and was part of my childhood. How could I forget Ed's random and silly behavior, Edd's fear of germs and intelligence, Eddy's greed and Jonny talking to a plank (that kid was always weird). lol

    My favorite episodes are The Day the Ed Stood Still, Mirror, Mirror on the Ed, One + One = Ed and the movie Big Picture Show.

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  • Kirkland22


    January 17, 2016 by Kirkland22

    Some of you might notice that the infobox templates at the top right corner of articles are starting to look a little different than they used to. This blog post will explain why and what has changed.

    IN SHORT: Infobox templates have been migrated from their old coding to the new portable coding in order to be compatible with all Internet-capable devices (including mobile phones).

    When I undertook this project a couple weeks ago, I made it my goal to keep our infoboxes very close in format/style to the old infoboxes. This required extensive trial & error as well as a lot of learning because I have no background in CSS coding and only knew enough to get by.

    All of the original content is still there. This includes not just the information on t…

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  • Sogrepjb1

    Hilarious of Eddy

    January 9, 2016 by Sogrepjb1

    Yesterday, I was sleeping dreaming, Eddy actually did the false information and he got blocked, it's hilarious. And I saw Edd doing great job. :)

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  • Jake HD


    December 28, 2015 by Jake HD

    Hello i am Jake a boy fan to ed edd y eddy :D

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  • Xydux

    Status Report for 2015

    December 26, 2015 by Xydux

    This blog is a wrap-up of what’s happened on the wiki throughout the year along with an outline of some projects yet to be completed or that will probably be undertaken next year. The main part of the blog is going to talk about what projects might happen over the course of 2016 and some questions dealing with said projects and the end is going to sum up everything that happened over the course of this year. This blog will be updated periodically; as soon as a project is completed, the title of it will be struck through.

    The pages for the Cartoon Network Invaded episodes (that aren't The Eds are Coming) are severely lacking in photos. If some could be added, that would be great.

    Despite lots of cleanup, on some pages there is still a lot of …

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  • Myles.


    December 4, 2015 by Myles.


    Gonna air on Adult Swim, though. Prepare your butts for some major ass-whoopings and darker themes. It's gonna be great. Geez, I haven't watched any Cartoon Network in the longest time, but now I've just found a reason to flip the TV on again. I hope this revival comes on par with the greatness of the original series.

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