The Body Heat Seeking Goggles first appeared in "Ed-n-Seek," where they were used to find the other kids while they were playing hide and seek. Eddy put them on but got scared with how Ed looked like with them on. When Ed put them on, he claimed it was "how the brainless cyclops saw his victims" in another sci-fi/horror film he had watched. Later in "In Like Ed," they are shown to double as X-Ray goggles. The goggles then allowed Edd to look inside the presents at Jimmy's birthday party without opening them.


  • A small slab of metal (Goggle Pieces)
  • 2 monocular lenses (Vision Sight)
  • A small switch (On or Off piece)
  • Thermal infrared energy (Power)
  • Duct tape (holds Pieces together)
  • A vacuum tube (Light)


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