The Eds with a camera

Promotional art of the Eds with the camera.

The Camera was first seen in "Quick Shot Ed." It is a typical white camera with a flash.

It was found by Eddy in his attic when the Eds were playing around in there. After quickly hatching a scam idea, Eddy decided to take pictures of all the neighborhood kids for their Cul-de-Sac Calendar scam. However, by doing so, they disturbed the kids and made them angry and/or injured. Eventually, they were noticed by the Kankers while trying to take a photo of them, and were abducted to become their fashion victims. Later, Sarah made a calendar by using the dressed up Eds' photos to make them laughingstocks for all to see.


  • The camera is an Instant Camera, as it has the ability to take pictures and develop them immediately.
    • It appears to be modeled after a Polaroid SX-70 Model 2 camera.


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