The Canadian Squirt Gun was a nickname for the turkey basters used in "Know it All Ed." The Eds found a box of them in the Junkyard and sold them off for 50 cents (with a free sock holster). They were also used by the Kanker Sisters (by loading Kanker Rubber Cement or Krankshaft No.5 perfume). Another incarnation was the Canadian Squirt Gatling Gun, which combined many of the guns together into a rapid-fire, Gatling-gun-like contraption.

The Squirt Gun consists of a typical turkey baster, but it is also somehow also much more powerful than any real life baster. These can not only fire several feet and not go completely empty, but can also rebound off of walls, go through ears, and still hit the intended target. These may be the most portable of all scam items in the entire series.

The Squirt Guns make another appearance in "The Good Ol' Ed," as do various other scam items from the Eds' past. Four of them also made a short appearance in "Wish You Were Ed," this time being used to suck milk from Rolf's cow for the giant bowl of Chunky Puffs.


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