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If you are looking for the factory in which Kevin's Dad works, see Jawbreakers.

Eee candyfactory
The opening title screen

Candy Factory is an online game of Ed, Edd n Eddy. It is available in Cartoon Network website.


The goal of this game is to simply shoot all the candies according to their designated colour tubes. The tubes have three colours; yellow, red and green. In this game, you play as Edd, shooting the candies.

The obstacle in this game is Eddy, who eats candies from the tubes. To prevent Eddy eating the candies, you must shoot him with screws to make him go away.

During the gameplay, be wary that the candy shooting nozzle speed is getting faster.

At the end of the game, you (as Edd) will receive award badges and scores. You can also try again to get more scores if you want.


  • Ed (as Edd's assistant)
  • Edd (as playable character)
  • Eddy (as a candy eater, avoid him by shooting screws at him)


  • The intro theme and character voices are not in English, but the rest of the game is in English.
  • There is a cat that appears on the trash bin behind one of the candy tubes. You can shoot it with screws to gain more points.
  • The game seems to take place in Ed's room.


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