Cartoon Network Interactive is a Cartoon Network themed online multiplayer online role playing game founded on October 28, 2013 by an anonymous game programmer and website designer going by the alias JohnnyXPlank, produced by (formerly based on many Cartoon Network cartoon series. The site is constantly updating to be bigger and better.

Cartoon network interactive website

The Cartoon Network Interactive website in

The site's most recent slogan is "Chunky Puffs! Yum! Yum! Yum!" marking the spontaneous nature of the show. That specific slogan is a quote from the Season 2 episode "Honor Thy Ed"; it is spoken by Ed as he enters a dumbwaiter that has a box of Chunky Puffs while wearing a Captain Crunch hat. Another signature slogan is the catchphrase "Goodnight, everybody", originally coined by the cartoon character Yakko Warner from the animated series Animaniacs, which is what he says when a sexual innuendo comes up in the show. The game's main writer often uses the line when ending a recent edit, even going so far as to use Yakko's name as an alias.


The game is made using Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5. The beta version of the game was made with ActionScript 2 rather than ActionScript 3 on Macromedia Flash 8. Both games use a SmartFox Server for multiplayer support.

The games server is up from 3:00 through midnight during the weekdays and 8:00 through midnight during the weekends. After those hours, players would receive a Connection failed message.


The video game was attended to be an Ed, Edd n Eddy video game but it was changed to a Cartoon Network video game due to many EEnE have appeared on the website. The beta version was produced and placed on the website and about four more blogs were added before closing. The website was produced for
My website screen

The original Cartoon Network Interactive website in


The basics to play the game are stated in the website:

You use your mouse to control the Noods. Whenever you click, your Nood goes to the place you click.
Whenever you click on an orange arrow, you go to a room. Each room can contain games, videos, enemies. etc.
When a Nickelodeon soldier appears, it's time for battle. Use the Spacebar and arrow keys in order to fight him.
In order to talk to people, use the chat bar and click send to send your message. Remember, this is a kids friendly site so if you say any bad words there's a 3-strike penalty. Final strike: you are blocked from the game for 30 minutes.
Also, you have 100 health points. If it reaches 0, you automatically report to the first building.
Collect more inventory stuff in order to score more points and buy stuff from the trading post. Enjoy!

First Closure

On November 12, 2013, after one month, JohnnyXPlank has shut down the website to produce the website. Here was his last final blog post before closing the site:

Attention all Cartoon Network fans! I have updated and created a brand new site for my video game. This means that I will no longer be using this website and it will be shutting down. It's a sad news for everyone but my website is made to be bigger and better. Here are what's happening:

The new website will feature more funtastic ideas, new games and other favorites such as videos.

The old website will no longer be updated as this is the last blog of this website.

The game on this website has been removed since it's outdated and I created a new version.

The FAQ has been reduced to one question.

The videos and forums have been removed.

The new website will have shopping available, Facebook access, Twitter access, YouTube access and info on any updates of CartoonNetwork's new series and airtimes of old cartoons.

The new website will allow deep contact with me.

It is available through the public.

I choose to make a new website because it was easier for me to conduct and operate in while was more difficult than usual. Also, I made an update on my game; changing the script to ActionScript 3 and I am currently trying to include YouTube streaming. So go to my new website at And play some games and more. And in the meantime... GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!!!


The reason for the site's closing was that he was switching the website's functions to for better capability of management and because he is creating a brand new version of his game.


On November 29, 2013, the website of Cartoon Network Interactive has been finally developed. Here is the opening tag on the website's homepage. In this tag, he is under the alias Yakko instead of JohnnyXPlank:

Welcome to the brand new Cartoon Network Interactive website. The previous one from had to be closed down. So as of now, enjoy my brand new website as I post around brand new links.

This site is about my brand new MMO i created from Adobe Flash called Cartoon Network Interactive. I'm updating it and It will be put in the server soon. Who likes Cartoon Network from 2001 through 2007, before Jim Samples left and Stuart Snyder joined? I do. If you do, then this game is right for you. Any questions, make a comment on the blog or contact me located in the contact button.

Goodnight everybody!

—Yakko from Animaniacs (JohnnyXPlank's psyeudom)

Supports from other websites

JohnnyXPlank sometimes includes codes from the trading card game CollecToons (based on the defunct Cartoon Orbit) on a daily basis, due to his passion for the game. He also included YouTube streaming and advertisements for Nintendo's Wii U, Wii, 3DS, NDS, Sony's PlayStation 4, 3, 2, Visa, PSP and Microsoft's Xbox One & 360.

He also included live TV streaming from of 24 hours of Ed, Edd n Eddy, Toonami Aftermath and some collection memoriams of Cartoon Network shos from the 1990s through the 2000s. He also included eBay support for some Cartoon Network merchandise and is offering donations for the website to be bigger.


He is developing some games inside the flash game based on several marketing prices such as chasing the Nesquik truck or darts. He is also included games inside his website from Cartoon Network shows. Some of the games oten redirect to other websites.

He is also currently developing a fighting match between Stuart Snyder (current president of Cartoon Network) and the players.

Jawbreaker Chronicle

The writer is currently planning on reviving the Jawbreaker Chronicle, an online newspaper based on the newspaper fansites created. He stated it will be a way to express his live for Ed, Edd n Eddy for everyone.

The website can be found here:

Other features

The site features a full Ed Edd n Eddy page dedicated to the TV show.

It also features a series of interviews by cartoon artists; Fred SeibertDonovan Cook and Everett Peck who created shows such as 2 Stupid Dogs and Squirrel Boy which also aired in Cartoon Network.


  • There will be references to Nickelodeon Magazine everywhere.
  • is JohnnyXPlank's email address.
  • The website is currently developing ways for mutliplayer brawl and music to be applied.
  • The game was named after Cartoon Network Interactive, a video game division based on creating video games featuring various Cartoon Network characters.

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