Chez la Sweat (meaning "House of Sweat") was a scam that Eddy made in "Rent-a-Ed." After Ed broke Jonny's radiator and his entire house was filled up with hot air, Eddy decided to turn the place into a spa/sauna. The scam included facials with peanut butter, in which Jimmy received a peanut butter horn and Sarah had a block of the stuff around her head, as well as a sauna room. The scam failed when Rolf's towel fell off due to the rush of steam coming from the pipes, thus causing everyone to rush out of the house. Following the destruction of Jimmy's oven, Sarah refused to pay, physically threatening Eddy if he demanded otherwise. When Ed tried to get Rolf a new towel, he accidentally broke the support beam of the house (which he was tied to), causing the entire place to collapse. The Eds got into a tight spot when they were surrounded by the Kids (especially Jonny and Plank, who were angry that their house was destroyed). The Eds tried to escape as the Flying Eduardo Brothers, but they got into a hydrant and it spewed water like a geyser. The Kids enjoyed watching this as Eddy thanks them for being a wonderful audience.


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