Ed's copy of "Chicks Galore."

Chicks Galore is a magazine that appeared only in "Little Ed Blue." Ed owns a copy of this magazine and appears to store it under his pillow. When Eddy found it, he believed it was a magazine with pictures of women and decided to read it. However, when he opened the magazine, it was clear that the title was literal, as the actual contents were lots of pictures of baby chickens.

Some of the pictures involved them following their mothers, being hatched out of eggs, and other odd things not related to what Eddy was looking for. Eddy and Edd are quite disturbed by the unusual contents of the magazine, even though in retrospect, this does seem like a magazine Ed would buy, due to Ed's obsession with chickens.

Chicks Mag.-INT

Concept art.


The inside of "Chicks Galore."

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