The De-icing Machine is a device that clears iced walkways that was invented by Edd. It appeared in "Look Before You Ed" and became the last machine to appear in the series. The machine belongs to the Peach Creek Jr. High safety club. Its purpose was to spray salt from leftover cafeteria pretzels over iced areas to effectively melt the ice and clear the walkways. Later, the machine was mistreated by Ed and Eddy through use as a snow-cone cannon for a scam.


  • Bowl (frame)
  • 2 Cheese graters (turns pretzels into salt)
  • Bag of pretzels
  • Mechanical chattering teeth
  • Vacuum tube (Hosing Device)
  • Nozzle (Muzzle)
  • Switch
  • Cardboard
  • Lever (Charging Device)
  • Wires (inner workings)
  • Metal attachers


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