Double D's Arts and Crafts Fair was a scam that appeared in "Ed Overboard." The scam was to sell the kids handmade arts and crafts. The scam was conceived by Edd, thinking it would be great and perk the kids curiosity, but it was belittled by Eddy, who thought it was stupid. Unfortunately for them, no customers showed up, and after Ed accidentally glued his head to the table, the Kankers showed up and kidnapped him. Edd was worried by this, while Eddy decided to pretend to be absorbed in making crafts so he could pretend he didn't see anything. The scam was abandoned when Edd decided on a plan to rescue Ed that involved the help of the Urban Rangers.

Ed's Macaroni Art Pieces

  • To Noodle or Not to Noodle
  • No More for Me, Thanks, I am a Russian

Edd's Art Pieces

  • Windchimes made from old cans
  • A butterfly made from common household twaddle