Ed's Hot Air Tours is a scam that appeared in "For Your Ed Only." The scam was created by accident when Ed and Eddy were chewing Edd's Experimental Bubble Gum. When Ed decided to blow a bubble, it got large enough to start pulling him up into the air. When Jonny 2x4 walked by, he thought it was a hot air balloon, and being the resourceful person that he is, Eddy quickly got the idea to re-purpose it into a scam. He then picked up Jonny and stuffed him into Ed's pocket to use as a seat. The charge to ride was a quarter; however, Jonny never paid, and the scam was ruined when Kevin saw them flying and intentionally hit a baseball into the bubble. Ed and Eddy plummeted into Sarah's room, while Jonny and Plank fell through the earth until they reached China, which lead them to abandon the scam.


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