Ed's Lawn Mowing Service is a scam that Eddy came up with in "Keeping up with the Eds." His idea was inspired by the fast regrowth of Edd's lawn after Montezuma's Free Range Manure was used on it. Eddy's idea was simply that the Eds could spread manure on everyone's lawn, wait for the grass to grow, and then charge people to have it mown. After they put the fertilizer on everyone's lawn, however, the grass grew too high for them to mow with Edd's conventional push mower, so they borrowed Victor from Rolf and used Victor to cut the grass. After they were done, they returned a bloated Victor to the farm, but ended up losing control of him and landing in a mud pit, where Victor attempted to eat their hair. Although the Eds mowed all the lawns, it is unknown if they got paid, as they were never shown receiving payment.


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