Ed's Mart is a scam by the Eds in "A Glass of Warm Ed." It is probably the most successful scam in the entire series. The overview is simple: you get food... but the secret is that it all comes out of Ed's mouth and was eaten already! Jonny & Plank gave Eddy 50 cents for Chunky Puffs (not counting the milk) and the other kids would likely pay more, making Ed's Mart very profitable. It is unknown how much money the scam made exactly, since the episode ended before the scam could proceed any further.


  • The sign on the back of "Ed's Mart" says "En-O-Gee Drinks", the scam from Season 1's "Over Your Ed!"
  • Sarah is not seen coming to Ed's Mart to come buy something to eat.
  • The hats the Eds wear at "Ed's Mart" are similar to those worn by staff at typical 1950's Restaurants/Bars in America.
  • This is one of the very few scams that was successful throughout the series.


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