Ed's Photography Studio is a scam the trio came up with at the start of "Is There an Ed in the House?" The only customer seen was Rolf. In the scam, the boys pretended to take a photo of their clients and then print out copies. What really happened was that they planned to have Ed draw pictures of their client and pass them off as photos. They ran into trouble when Ed drew a picture of a monster about to devour Rolf's head, leading Ed to try and erase it. While Ed was busy rubbing out his mistake, Jimmy came up to him and asked where he kept several items, eventually revealing that Sarah had caught a cold. Upon hearing this, Ed and Edd rushed off to attend to her, and Eddy soon followed after throwing Rolf's unfinished photo back at him. Despite seemingly having been a failed scam, Rolf was never seen getting his money back, which suggests that it did, indeed, meet with a modicum of success.


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