Ed's Tattoo Parlor (misspelled as "Ed's Tattoo Parlur") is a scam that the Eds ran in Edtropolis in "Urban Ed." It was exactly what it advertised, with Ed giving people tattoos in exchange for money. As usual, Eddy put himself in charge of the money, but unusually enough had Edd work as the security for the scam. The scam was somewhat successful, as both Jimmy and Kevin were customers; Jimmy asked for Ed to draw a snake tattoo on his face, and received it, while Kevin got an ear of corn on his back (it is unknown if this is actually what he requested). Soon, though, a fight broke out in the line for the store because Rolf had cut in line, agitating Sarah. Edd was sent out to break up the fight, but it soon subsided because an angry Jonny had arrived in the middle of it. Jonny marched into the parlor and simply stole Eddy's money as revenge for the city having "corrupted" Plank; this lead to the scam being abandoned so that the Eds could chase Jonny.


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