Ed's Tire Swing was a scam that appeared in "Avast Ye Eds."  Eddy's idea was to charge the kids to use a gigantic tire swing that he had set up in the lane. When none of the kids paid any attention to him, however, he instructed Edd and Ed to demonstrate the swing, having Ed push Edd. Ed was a good pusher, making Edd go really high and showing that it was indeed a good time: however, he was too rough, and the rope broke, sending the tire and Edd bouncing down the lane. It ended up hitting a rock and flying into the creek, and when questioned on what the Eds were doing, Eddy quickly rethought his idea and said they were launching a cruise. The kids were eager to board his cruise, so the tire swing scam was abandoned in favor of Eddy's Creek Cruise.


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