The Ed Telethon was a scam that appeared in "Hands Across Ed". The scam was a live show created by the Eds, and hosted by Eddy, that was supposed to be a fundraiser to cure Ed's fictitious eyebrow disease. The goal of the scam was to raise $5.00 via phone calls from viewers.

The show had three acts. The first one was Nazz, who played the tuba poorly but got applause for inadvertently injuring Eddy; the second was Edd, who went onstage to stall and fainted from stage fright; and the third was Jimmy, who tried to put on a magic act and failed horribly. Kevin heckled the show throughout, and by the end had won the other kids over to his side, and they left. While Eddy smoldered at this snub, Rolf and Kevin performed the traditional "Dance of the Hairless Otter" in Kevin's backyard.


  • Nazz was seen attending the show just before its disastrous end.
  • Rolf was seen sitting back down a moment after Jimmy's second act, but he was not seen getting untangled from the box that Jimmy tried to saw him in half with.


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