Ed vs. Evil Tim was a live show put on by Eddy for all the kids in the cul-de-sac to watch in "It Came From Outer Ed." The show started by Eddy having Edd dress up as a mutant by covering himself in shrubbery and standing on some tall sticks. After this was done, he erratically knocked on Ed's window and exclaimed that the Cul-De-Sac was in danger. Once Ed was present, Eddy further explained that the mutant had been terrorizing the Cul-De-Sac all morning, and thanks to Ed's overactive imagination, he was more than willing to participate in its eradication. To further play into it, Eddy subtly knocked Jimmy and his tricycle towards Edd, exclaiming that Evil Tim was sucking Jimmy in. As a finale to the show, Ed chased after Evil Tim and slammed a tree into him, along with Jimmy. After realizing that Jimmy was injured, Ed tried to give him "first aid," much to the amusement of the kids, except Sarah, who tried to help Jimmy out. After everything was over, all the kids left, presumably satisfied, except for Sarah and Jimmy (for obvious reasons) and Kevin, who berated the show (albeit in a manner that seemed like he felt he had to berate it when Eddy overheard him compliment the show) and then left. An interesting thing about this show was that Eddy was not seen doing it for any profit, nor was any money even mentioned at all, so it can be presumed that he did it just for laughs. The show was then abandoned as Ed had come up with a scam himself.


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