Eddy's Snow Cone Cannon is a scam that Eddy came up with in "Look Before You Ed". It utilized Edd's De-icing Machine to create snow cones which Eddy planned to serve to the kids. The cones in question were flavored with ketchup. Eddy's scam ended up failing when Edd stepped in to try and get Eddy to explain his misuse of the machine, thus stalling him; before Eddy could get back into the swing of things, Jimmy quit Edd's Safety Club and formed his own, Jimmy's Owie Go Kapowee Club, which subsequently imprisoned the Eds, preventing Eddy from selling the cones. Despite this, it is unlikely that Eddy's scheme would have succeeded, as he was trying to sell a cold summertime treat (snow cones) in the middle of winter on a cold, snowy day.

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