Egghead Ed is a scam that appeared in "Too Smart for His Own Ed." In the scam, Eddy offered up Ed (fresh off his spelling bee win), who would help the kids with their homework for only twenty-five cents per question. All the kids bought it, much to Edd's chagrin, knowing that he could've actually helped them.

Eventually the scam failed, as the kids got back their graded papers and found that they had all received Fs. After beating up Eddy and Ed, they angrily took their money back from Eddy and stormed off. Eddy chased after the kids in a vain attempt to retrieve some of the money while Ed and Edd reconciled with each other and went off to Ed's house for some cookies with mayonnaise.



The failed tests.

The following are the questions the kids were asked, complete with Ed's incorrect answers.
  • Rolf: (17 x 4 ÷ 3) ÷ 4
    Ed's answer: a drawing of a boot.
  • Kevin: Which planet goes round the [blocked from view; possibly earth]?
    Ed's answer: Polly wolly doodle all the day
  • Nazz: Write a sentence using both nouns and pronouns.
    Ed's answer: Go Cobblers Go
  • Sarah: What [blocked from view] mear- [blocked from view]
    Ed's answer: A drawing of a snake.
  • Jimmy: What does happy mean?
    Ed's answer: Popeye the Sailer


  • Jimmy's answer to his homework question was "Popeye the Sailer," a misspelled version of the famous comic strip/cartoon character, "Popeye the Sailor."

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