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Gentlemen, I give you, the El Mongo Stink Bomb! My brother showed me how to make it, before he went away. Isn't it beautiful?


The El Mongo Stink Bomb is the name given to an over-sized stink bomb created by Eddy's Brother. It first appeared in "Fool on the Ed," where it is used by the Eds in attempt to strike back at the Kids for pranking them. The bomb appears as a large, balloon-like mass only the exterior seems to be stitched together from a material other than latex, evidenced by the patch on the surface. The interior contains a churning sea of bright-green odorant liquid, created by the blending of numerous foul smelling items. In order for the bomb to be transported effectively, balloons were attached around it, suspending it in mid air. Furthermore, a set of propellers were installed to the back section. A set of controls would then be used to propel the bomb forward. During the events of the episode "Fool on the Ed," Eddy constructed the bomb inside his garage using a recipe given to him by his brother. Unfortunately the bomb was too bloated to pass through the garage door and the Eds desperately tried to push it out. About thirty seconds after its maiden voyage the stink bomb prematurely detonated, unleashing a wave of odor throughout the Cul-de-Sac. Many of the kids fled the area while the effects of the bomb caused the Eds to stumble around. Ed managed to cope with the smell but Eddy could not bear the smell and fell down unconscious.

The El Mongo Stink Bomb makes a second appearance in the console game Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Mis-Edventures. In this incarnation, the bomb was reduced to the size of a water balloon and thrown in the same manner. Eddy uses the bomb as his projectile weapon, to stun and ward off enemies.

The bomb makes a third appearance in the web-game Cul-de-Sac Smash 2: Wheels of Fury, where it is Eddy's special weapon.


  • An oversized bag-like material (Body)
  • Various foul-smelling items and liquids (Fuel)
  • Hot sauce (Fuel)
  • Ed's sock (Fuel)
  • 4 helium-inflated balloons (Lift)
  • Propeller (Motor)


  • "El Mongo" does not actually translate to anything.

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