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A small section of Fish Bowl 2

Fish Bowl 2 or Fish Bowl II is a television program that is apparently popular and considered a phenomenon in the Ed, Edd n Eddy world, despite the fact that the show simply revolves around stick-puppet fish who do nothing more than swim around in front of a background featuring a picture of a large shark while bubbles are being blown and disgusting noises are being made in the background. Despite the fact that the program airs in a cartoon universe, it was filmed in a live action world by Danny Antonucci's sons. It is one of the few programs ever shown to air on televisions around the Cul-de-Sac. Episodes that feature FB2 are "Nagged to Ed" (its first appearance), "It's Way Ed" (when Ed turns on the TV in Eddy's mouth), "Honor Thy Ed" (on the TV that the Ed doll was watching), "See No Ed" (when Sarah, Nazz, and Jimmy were looking for the Eds in Ed's room, it's in black-and-white), "One Size Fits Ed" (at the end of the episode in Edd's room), "A Twist of Ed" and "Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed" (when Ed tries to find a different show instead of FB2). In Nagged to Ed, when Marie puts on FB2, on one of the shelves of the TV stand there is a tape called "Fish Tank 1", possibly a prequel or a different series with a similar name.


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