The Giant Chunky Puffs were used in "Wish You Were Ed" in order to trick Rolf into wishing on the "magic shoe", thus leading into the Old World Village scam.


The Eds built it to trick Rolf into thinking that they wished for a giant bowl of Chunky Puffs using the magic shoe (really just one of Ed's shoes). Using Rolf's belief in their lie as a springboard, Eddy then encouraged Rolf to smell the shoe, the stench of which rendered him unconscious, thus giving them time to set up their old world village. However, unlike most of their other scams, this one was more so a ruse, rather than a scam.


  • Bowl: Lots of scrap metal bent into the form of a bowl, lots of milk, and lots of yellow and orange tennis balls. 
  • Cereal Box: Cardboard, paint (for the label), a broom, (to hold up the "box"), and some tape to hold it together.


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