The Gravy Trap is a death trap that only appeared in "Robbin' Ed." It was ostensibly created by Eddy in his Professor Scam persona for use against Captain Melonhead and Splinter the Wonderwood. The trap consisted of Ed's tub of gravy, which was placed below the tied-up heroes, who would then slowly be lowered into the gravy.

Initially, it seemed as though the trap would work, as Captain was able to successfully lower the heroes towards the gravy. However, before the plan could reach fruition, Average Joe stepped in and used the Thingamajig to release the captured superheroes from their bonds and allow them to swing to safety. Once they were safe, the duo attacked Captain Melonhead, thus saving the day. Although the villain was defeated, his henchmen The Cents were quite happy with the results, as Ed got his gravy back and Edd got to see the hero save the day.

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