Hula Dance Lessons (written as De Hoolah Lessons on the sign) is a scam the Eds put on in "Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?" In the scam, the Eds would teach you to hula dance. Eddy was the instructor, Edd provided music with his pedal steel guitar, and Ed would demonstrate the moves to prospective customers. Eddy was the only one who had confidence in the venture, however, and this was due to his mistaken belief that hula lessons were huge. Edd, meanwhile, knew that the likelihood of getting any customers was very low. However, before either of them could be proven right, Sarah rushed in with Jimmy and demanded that Ed buy her fudge, providing him with money to do so. Eddy tried to get them to leave, but Ed agreed to go buy fudge, and left to do so. For this reason, the Eds ended up abandoning the scam.


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