The Hypnotizing Wheel is an object that the Eds used to take control of the kids in "Look Into My Eds." It was included with Edd's Psychology Manual. It was found after Eddy rummaged through the manual in order to find the answers to the rorschach ink blot test. After Eddy used this to hypnotize Kevin, he combined this item with a turban that he would wear while he was Eddy-Dini, and then used it as part of his hypnotism theater. The Kankers later used the wheel to turn the Eds into dogs after they snatched Eddy's turban. The wheel was seen again in "The Good Ol' Ed" when the Eds were building the Time Capsule.


  • The Hypnotizing Wheel was featured in the Game Boy Advance game, Ed, Edd n Eddy - Jawbreakers! Eddy can possess the Hypnotizing Wheel during the last few levels of the game.


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