The Jawbreaker Divider is a machine Edd built in "Ed or Tails" to divide up Ed's Slovak Jawbreakers so that all would get an equal share of the candies. The divider was built out of several materials, including a seesaw, a fridge (counterbalanced by Ed), and an anvil. The idea behind it was that a jawbreaker would be placed upon an anvil beneath the fridge, which would be on one side of the seesaw. Once the refrigerator ceased to be held up in the air by Ed's weight on the other end of the lever, the fridge would come down upon the anvil, smashing into the jawbreaker and hopefully splitting it for equal sharing. Unfortunately, the plan didn't quite work out this way, as the collision instead sent the jawbreaker flying. The candy flew across the cul-de-sac, slammed into Plank, and ended up in Jonny's cheek, keeping the Eds from any chance of having the delicious jawbreaker.


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