The Jet Pack was seen twice in "In Like Ed" as a prototype machine. It is a fully functional machine, even though it is a prototype. It has virtually no end to its fuel supply and doesn't really have a time limit either. This would be counted as a vehicle, but it is also smaller than a person, making it more of a machine rather than a vehicle. It is one of five experimental machines built by Edd. Unlike the other items introduced by Edd, Eddy displayed great interest in the Jet Pack. Ed was shown later using the jet pack although it could not provide enough force to lift him up.

Construction Items

  • Fire Extinguisher (Tank)
  • Funnel (Motor)
  • Belt (Strap)
  • Two Bike Handle Bars (Handles)
  • Tape (Holds the Belt)


  • In the Game Boy Advance game, Ed, Edd n Eddy - Jawbreakers!, Eddy uses the jetpack in the final levels. Ed and Edd can also use the jet pack, given the player has inputted the jet pack cheat on the title screen.
  • It is never revealed how the device is activated. It is likely activated by pressure on the bike handles.
  • When Eddy uses it the exhaust seems weightless, but when Ed uses it, the exhaust fills up his pants and becomes really heavy. Perhaps there was some sort of mechanical failure that resulted in solidified exhaust.


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