Jimmy's Super Duper Scammy Whammy is a scam thought up by Jimmy for Eddy in "Stuck in Ed." Eddy rejected the scam, but it later proved very successful, as Jimmy has to pull several wagons full of cash earned by the scam.


One day in the Cul-de-Sac, Jimmy comes to the Eds after they made the "You Think It We Buy It" scam with an idea. His scam required many items and numerous gallons of water. In the end his scam turned out to be giant fruit popsicles with chunks of fruit inside. After he showed Eddy, he was furious at Jimmy because he had to collect all of those items just for food. So the Eds decide to leave Jimmy's idea but later on they see Kevin walking down the street with one of Jimmy's fruit pops in his mouth. He tells them that Jimmy's scam is turning out to be very successful so they go to Jimmy to find out that the kids are all buying Jimmy's fruit pops. Jimmy turns down the Eds for calling his scam a "failure" and goes back to selling his fruit pops. Jimmy had wagons full of stuffed piggy banks as a speechless Eddy was shocked Jimmy was actually right.

List of Materials

  • 10 extension cords
  • 10 refrigerators
  • 100 fence posts
  • Various fruits
  • Many gallons of water



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