Kick-The-Can is a game on the Cartoon Network website. Kick-The-Can starts with Dexter's Dad from Dexter's Laboratory having a BBQ, but the kids need something to do to pass the time while the food is getting ready, so he lets them play Kick-The-Can. Edd, Chicken from Cow and Chicken, Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory, I.M. Weasel from I Am Weasel, and Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls volunteer to be "it," so the player can choose to be one of those 5 characters. Ed and Eddy also play, but are not playable characters, although Ed is playable in Bean-Bag-Tag later on. The player's objective is to freeze everyone (literally) before they can Kick-The Can in 2 minutes. As the levels progress, the player will have less and less time to complete their task. If someone other than the player's character kicks the can everyone is unfrozen and the player must start over. The player loses if they fail to freeze all the other players before time is up.


  • This game seems to be related to Bean-Bag-Tag, as both feature the same characters and are similar games. The major difference is that it appears that only Ed, in Bean-Bag-Tag, and Double D, in Kick-The-Can, are playable characters while Eddy is a NPC in both games.


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