The Lackadaisycathro Disease is a fictional illness that is mentioned several times in "A Case of Ed". In said episode, Eddy successfully manages to convince Edd that he has become afflicted with it, but was really only playing a cruel trick on him. Edd began to worry about having lackadaisycathro disease after reading about its symptoms in a book called The Encyclopedia of Obscure Diseases. After analysis from "Dr." Ed, Edd falls into a desperate state of hopeless after Ed tells him that he only has until lunch before he expires. However, in the end, Edd found out that it was all a big trick. He was enraged at being messed with and as revenge, he allowed Kevin to pound the living daylights out of Ed and Eddy.


  • Rationalising of mundane circumstances
  • Habitual cleanliness
  • Abnormal fixation to headwear
  • Mumbling one's words
  • Weakness in lower extremities

There were also a few other symptoms that Eddy made up, in order to mess with Edd:

  • Confusion
  • Spontaneous difference in shoe size
  • People trying to kick you
  • Rage

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