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The Eds' Lady Liberty.

The Eds created a replica of the Statue of Liberty as a highly complicated and destructive Rube Goldberg machine in the Cul-de-Sac in "Pain in the Ed." The statue was made by Edd for Eddy to destroy Ed's violin using a complex system inside. The plan was to get Jonny 2x4, who was dancing to Ed's violin, to run away from one of Eddy's imaginary friends, Saw-Tooth Cecil, into a line of chewing gum stretching from a specially planned "footprint" to Rolf's foot, then being catapulted onto a jack-in-a-box, onto a platform on the statue, then into it by its ear. Jonny then fell into a basket which set off a system to catapult a bowling ball out of its head into the torch, which falls straight through to where Ed was playing. Edd then fed Wilfred a special, edible magnet (which was apparently safe for Wilfred to eat as stated by Edd) to move Ed's music stand so he would follow it, because Edd thinks the violin should be played and not destroyed. This worked, but it was eventually destroyed anyway on accident by Edd after Eddy angrily tried to destroy the violin himself after realizing the latter realized Edd sabotaged the violin's destruction via Lady Liberty.