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Eddy reading Marlene of the Deep to Ed.


Eddy, after Ed smacked him with the pages of the comic.

Marlene of the Deep is a comic that Ed rarely reads. It was first seen in "Little Ed Blue" where Eddy was reading it to Ed to try to cheer him up. Nothing has really been revealed about the plot of the comic except for one quote "Its tentacles tightened, sucking the marrow--" But before Eddy could finish the sentence, Ed slams the book into Eddy's face, turning it into a comic strip. However, the sound of the title and the quote suggests that the plot may be about a colossal tentacled aquatic monster and has a horror/sci-fi plot. The front illustration of the comic book is mistakenly placed on the back side, making it look like manga (Japanese comics, which are read right-to-left) instead of an American comic book. (Of course, it is possible that this is a manga comic.)


  • The title may be a reference to Marlene Robinson May, one of the shows directors.

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