Marshal Eddy (aka Eddy the Sheriff) is a scam that Eddy came up with in "Know it All Ed" after he sold the kids Canadian squirt guns and they all started acting like they were in the Old West. He seemingly came up with the idea both because he wanted to continue riding the Old West "gravy train" and knew he could make money off of it. His attempts to get the kids to pay him off were initially unsuccessful; however, after Jonny and Plank came riding in with news of "bandits", the kids were quick to pay up. Before Eddy could enjoy his loot, however, the bandits arrived and stole both his money and the Eds guns. They then proceeded to soak the Eds with Krankshaft No.5 and take off.

This angered Eddy, however, and he soon gathered his friends and marched them down to the construction site for a battle with the Kankers. The Kankers showed up, and the "lawmen" did battle with several weapons, including their Canadian Squirt Gatling Gun. However, all of their shots missed the target. The Kankers then proceeded to cover the Eds' feet in Kanker Rubber Cement, pinning them in place, and then showed some of their love to them.

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