The Mole Mutant Repellent scam is one that Eddy conducted during the blackout that happened in "Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed." It all started when the kids gathered outside due to the lights having all gone off. Because everyone was a little jumpy, Edd tried to calm them down by telling them the facts about power outages. However, Ed stole his thunder by weaving a tale about evil cannibal underground Mole Mutants that he took from his Night of Terror comic book. This sent the kids (except for Rolf and Kevin, who were preoccupied with Rolf's generator, Edd, and Eddy) into a blind panic. However, when Ed continued to recite from his comic book, he ended up saying that the only way to defeat the Mole Mutants was through the usage of overripe bananas and day-old hot dog buns. Hearing this, Eddy rushed off, and soon came back with a cart full to the top of such items, of which he instantly sold out. Eddy spent the rest of the time frozen with glee from his profits and immediately used it to cheer himself up after Ed pointed out Edd was gone. When Edd emerged from the sewer, Ed mistook him for a Mole Mutant and grabbed Eddy's jar of money and threw it at Edd. Both Edd and the jar fell into the sewer, to Eddy's shock and disbelief.


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