Cover of "Night of Terror."

Night of Terror is a horror comic book that belongs to Ed that only appeared in "Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed" when the Eds were "working on their project" at Ed's house.


The book features "Mole Mutants", a race of monsters that live underground and prey on humans. According to the comic, their modus operendi is to first suck the surface world of electricity, plunging their victims in darkness, then capture the strongest humans first to be freeze-dried and mechanically de-boned for appetizers, before dragging other humans to their lairs to be "de-skulled". They also eat wood for roughage. Their only weaknesses are over-ripe bananas and day-old hot dog buns.


  • The Mole Mutants are probably based on the creatures/monsters/mutants from the films The Mole People and C.H.U.D..
  • At the end of the episode, Ed says that the comic is a collector's issue.

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