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Peach Creek Community Pool

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Peach Creek Community Pool
Location: Peach Creek
No. of floors: 1
Purpose of place: Swimming
First appearance: All Eds Are Off

The Peach Creek Community Pool is where the kids of Peach Creek Jr. High go to learn swimming during early morning physical education lessons, because the school apparently lacks a swimming pool. Everyone is driven here by the bus.

The Community Pool looks like an average American town pool, with large windows around the exterior. The interior includes a small diving board along with a high diving board as well as a lifeguard tower and changing rooms. The pool itself was damaged in the start of "All Eds Are Off" when Ed's package of instant gravy mix opened up after it fell in, causing the water in the pool to turn into gravy.

Despite the fact that it was technically Ed's fault that it happened, Eddy was the one who ended up getting a detention for it, and as they were getting on the bus to go to school, Kevin complained about having gravy in his ear and that he'd rather be on the bus.


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