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Pedal Steel Guitar

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Pedal Steel Guitar
88 fingers eddward
Built by: The Instrument Factory (probably)
Owner: Edd
First appearance: "The Ed-Touchables"
Other appearance(s): "Avast Ye Eds"
"Rambling Ed"
"Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?"
"Little Ed Blue"
Brother Can You Spare An Ed 0001
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The Pedal Steel Guitar is a musical instrument that is owned by Edd. It first appeared in the background of Edd's room in the episode "The Ed-Touchables" but was finally featured in the episode "Avast Ye Eds". Edd is a skilled player, but admits in "Avast Ye Eds" and again in "Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?", that he detests playing the instrument and finds it annoying. In "Little Ed Blue", Edd plays the background music for Eddy's extremely low budget movie, "The Hunt for Edosaurus."

This is the first of two instruments Edd plays, the second being the xylophone. Edd gets the nickname "88 Fingers" Eddward from playing this instrument. Edd however had a bit of fun with the pedal steel guitar when he made sound effects in "Rambling Ed".

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