Rolf's Power Generator was only shown in "Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed." It is a heavy, but somewhat portable electric generator. When the power went out in the Cul-de-Sac, Rolf enlists Kevin to jump-start the power again. The generator, unlike a modern one, isn't gas-powered: it has a treadmill instead. When a person, like Kevin or an animal runs on the treadmill, electricity is produced. There is a meter which tells how much electricity is being produced by the person/animal, it goes from 'Baby' to 'Womanly' and finally 'Good Enough.' Kevin however, was unable to get it past baby. The generator was brought down to the sewers so Rolf's Nana wouldn't be disturbed by it. However when the kids flushed their toilets in unison to get rid of 'Mole Mutants', which Ed made them believe thrived in the sewers, a giant wave was formed which probably washed away and destroyed the generator, never to be seen again.


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