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I will now make my escape in my Bad-to-the-Bone-Meaner-than-a-Junkyard-Dog Professor Scam Flyer! [laughs maniacally]

—Professor Scam , oblivious to said machine floating away

Professor Scam Flyer
Built by: Eddy, as Professor Scam (but it may have been Edd)
Owner: Eddy (as Professor Scam)
Capacity: 1 person
Top speed: 5 mph
Materials used: Cloth Pieces
Old Bike
Fan Propeller
Metal Wires
First appearance: Robbin' Ed

The (Bad-to-the-Bone-Meaner-than-a-Junkyard-Dog) Professor Scam Flyer is one of the only machines constructed by Eddy (though it was probably made by Edd). It is seen in the episode "Robbin' Ed" when Professor Scam, Eddy in disguise, was about to make his great escape. However, Eddy laughs maniacally for too long, leaving the flyer to float away. The flyer is essentially a pilot-powered blimp capable of holding one person. The top speed of the flyer probably would've been 5 mph. The flyer, if Eddy got onto it, probably would've been able to go anywhere in Peach Creek. He would still need to fix the ballast problem though. It was hidden in Eddy's butts store, under the counter. When Eddy stepped on a spatula in the side, the counter flies off, revealing the flyer underneath.

Construction Items

  • Cloth Balloon (Flying Device)
  • Old Bike (Body)
  • Bike Pedals (Engine)
  • Fan Propeller (Motor)
  • Metal Wires (Modified)
  • Rope (Holds the Balloon)
  • Cloth (Wings)


  • On the balloon, one can see a t-shirt with "A.K.A" written on it used as part of the patchwork.

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