Rolf and Kevin's Show is, as the title suggests, a show put on by Rolf and Kevin in "Hands Across Ed." The show in question was a performance of the traditional "Dance of the Hairless Otter" done by the titular characters. The show was put on after the failure of the Ed Telethon and actually collected money when the approving audience (consisting of Jimmy, Sarah, Nazz, Plank, and Jonny) threw coins at them as payment for the show. Eddy was naturally jealous, and tried to use one of Edd's inventions (the magnet) to steal the money away; however, the invention backfired on the Eds, and Rolf and Kevin collected their money.


  • Rolf's dance was originally offered as an act in the Ed Telethon, but Eddy turned him down, citing that the budget had no space for subtitles. However, Rolf was perfectly capable of performing the dance in English, and did so for this show.


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