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"Run for your Ed"
Season 4, Episode 10a
Production Code: 49-410a
Airdate: February 13, 2004
Title Reference: Run for your Life!
Writer(s): Danny Antonucci
Mike Kubat
Director(s): Danny Antonucci
Storyboards by: Tout le monde (everyone)
"A Case of Ed"
"Hand Me Down Ed"

"Run for your Ed" is the 19th episode of Season 4 and the 96th episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, the Kankers try to retrieve their missing ship in-a-bottle, even if it means going on a warpath and destroying the neighborhood in the process. In the meantime, the Eds find out that the ship in-a-bottle is stuck on Ed's finger and now they must try to find a way to get it off of Ed's finger.


One night at the Park n' Flush trailer park, the Kanker Sisters are fast asleep when they hear noises in their kitchen. The Kankers awaken from their sleep quickly and rush down the stairs, where they found out that the thief that was there had gotten away, leaving the kitchen in a mess, and that is when they notice that their prized ship-'n'-a-bottle is missing. They realize the perpetrator had taken the bottle with him. May wants to dial 911, but the phone is crushed by Lee, who would rather recover their ship-'n'-a-bottle "Kanker style".

The next day, Edd and Eddy find out Ed had been sleep-walking again and that he was sleeping in Kevin's refrigerator when he stopped sleep-walking. Kevin has the other Eds come get their friend back, and when they do they notice that Ed has a mysterious ship-'n'-a-bottle stuck on his finger, they try to find a way to get it off.

Meanwhile, the Kankers cause chaos throughout the entire Peach Creek, not just the Cul-de-Sac, leaving the kids cowering in fear. Rolf is trying to send his giant sausage to the market but his animals sense the Kankers, and he gets into the safety of his cellar. Soon comes the first debut of the "Kanker Hissy Fit", which causes more damage and destruction throughout the cul-de-sac and leaves the everyone in peril.

Without soap as an option for getting the ship-'n'-a-bottle off of Ed's finger (since Ed is scared of it), Ed suggests they use sticky tape. So they go to Sarah's bedroom to find the tape without her permission, where Sarah is hiding away in her toy box from the Kankers. She scolds the Eds for entering her room without her seeking permission first, which is enough to make the Eds leave. Shortly after the Kankers show up to destroy Sarah's room while searching for their lost possession, Sarah thinks that it's the Eds again. She pops out of her toy box and screams at her brother, only to get spotted by the Kankers and be tied up in a sack by them and have her mouth shut (literally). When Sarah learns that the Kankers are looking for a ship-'n'-a-bottle, she remembers seeing Ed with one stuck to his finger. She manages to unseal her mouth and blurts to the Kankers about her sightings on their ship in a bottle.

Meanwhile, the Eds fail to get the ship-'n'-a-bottle off of Ed's finger through the tape, the Kankers soon manage to track them down at Edd's house. Edd realizes that the bottle is theirs and calmly closes the door and locks it before he immediately freaks out and tells the others whose bottle it is, causing Eddy and Ed to freak out. After the Kankers break down the door, the Eds try to hide from the Kankers, but they fail to stay hidden in the kitchen sink.

However the Kankers just take the bottle off of Ed's finger since that is what they came for this whole time. The girls then leave with their possession, arguing over who gets to carry it while they head back home. The Eds make it out safely (Except for Eddy who somehow got his finger stuck in the faucet). Edd leaves to get soap for the problem while Ed leaves to get the Kankers to help with it, as does Rolf, who stays hidden in his cellar until the end of the episode, where the Cul-de-Sac has been almost completely destroyed due to the Kankers' rampage.

Memorable Quotes

  • May: [picks up a phone to call the police] "What number do you dial for 911?!" [Lee grabs May and smashes the phone with her fist]
    Lee: "No cops! I say we pay our neighbors a little visit and find our bottle Kanker style!" [laughs evilly]

  • Rolf: "Rolf's giant wiener will fetch a pretty penny at the market, yes, Victor?" [sees Victor stopped moving] "Victor, why have you stopped?" [Rolf hears animal sounds, seeing Wilfred dragging on his butt and his chickens clucking in the cage; he holds up a chicken leg to his ear and realizes the impending doom; he gathers his livestock and hides in his cellar] "HAVE MERCY ON OUR MISERABLE SOULS!" [slams cellar doors shut]

  • Ed: [after being woken up by Eddy] "Private Do Not Enter is ready for duty, chief!"

  • Ed: [after Eddy's failed attempt to pull the bottle free] "It likes me, Eddy!"
    Edd: [in full diagnostic mode] "Inanimate objects don't 'like', Ed." [peers at Ed's hand] "Just as I suspected, Eddy. Ed's swollen finger will thwart any attempt at removing this bottle."
    Eddy: [angry and bruised] "Oh, I'll give it a twart!"

  • Eddy: [wrestling with Ed and trying to hold him down] "What are you waiting for?! Soap him, soap him!"

  • Ed: [having gotten rid of the soap]: "I dispense with you, disgusting detergent of the deep! For I, Ed, can remove the bottle with sticky tape!"
    Edd: "Sticky tape?"
    Eddy: [outraged with Ed's idea] "Stick? You're already stuck, numbskull!"
    Ed: "And your point is?"
    Eddy: "This is stupid."

  • Eddy: [dazed] "Ha ha! One bottle, hold Ed's finger." [seeing Ed's finger still stuck in the bottle] "What the?!"

  • Edd: [to Eddy before Ed leaps from the stairs] "WAIT! You don't suppose the tape will leave any unsightly residue? I mean, mother has the eyes of a hawk when it comes to adhesive resins."

  • Edd: [while heading toward to Ed and Eddy panicking] "OH LORD! THAT SHIP IN THE BOTTLE BELONGS TO THE KANKERS!"
    Ed: "WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHY?"

  • Rolf: "The stench of immortal doom still thickens the air, yes? Or perhaps it is Wilfred's cabbage evacuations? Hard to tell."

  • Eddy: [to Ed] "All they want is the bottle, Ed. You're gonna have to take one for the team, Lumpy!"
    Edd: [to Eddy] "Oh, that's real brave of you, Eddy."
    Eddy: [to Edd] "What?"
    Edd: [to Eddy] "Why should Ed sacrifice himself?"
    Eddy: [frustrated] "He took the bottle!"

  • Ed: [oblivious] "Oh look, a sponge!" [Lee turns the faucet after hearing the Eds talking inside the cabinet near the sink]
    Edd: [after hearing Lee turning the faucet] "Shh. What's that? Do you hear it?"

  • [The Eds are free from the plot.]
    Ed: "I think that was the Kankers' bottle, Eddy."
    Edd: [surprised that they weren't hurt] "You're not the only one confused here, Ed. Have you noticed that we've come out of this virtually unscathed?"
    Ed: "Are we lucky or what?"
    Eddy: [starting to look up] "We must be getting good at this, huh, guys?" [gets out of sink but gets finger stuck in faucet] "For cryin' out loud! Of all the-"
    Ed: "Aw! Just like old times!"
    Edd: [not surprised with the results] "Well, that sense of confidence didn't last long."
    Eddy: [desperate to get free] "Do something, will ya?"
    Edd: "I know just the thing, Eddy! A little dab of soap will do the trick!" [runs off to get soap]
    Ed: "And I will fetch the Kankers, as they are whizzes at stuck fingers." [goes to get the Kankers]
    Eddy: [aware of what the Kankers will do with him] "NO, WAIT! ED!" [struggling to get free at iris out] "ED!"


  • Goofs:
    • In the beginning of the episode when Lee tells her sisters they would get the bottle "Kanker style" and then laughs, Marie doesn't have her wristband on.
    • When the Kankers rip open the fence into Kevin's backyard, Marie is back in her pajamas when they close it.
    • When the screen overviews the Cul-de-Sac in ruins, Ed's House is destroyed, but when it shows Sarah hiding in her room, it is completely unaffected.
    • When Edd answers the door and finds out it is the Kankers, no lock can be seen on it, but later when he closes the door and walks away from it, there is a lock which Edd then uses to lock the door.
    • Ed's foot has been miscolored to Eddy's skin when the camera shifts to Edd while under the sink.
    • At the end of the episode, the Kankers seem to be taller than normal. May and Marie are around the same height with Lee being slightly taller. The countertop is chest high to Lee, but when the Eds are on the floor, Ed is above the counter top and Edd's hat is barely over the top.
    • Throughout the episode, the ship-in-a-bottle on Ed's finger keeps switching to another finger and/or the other hand that is free.
    • Rolf's house is destroyed in two different ways.
  • The Eds, who caused the trouble, came out of this venture completely unharmed. In fact, they were practically the only ones who came out unharmed. Eddy believes this is because they're "getting good at this." It also happened in the episode "May I Have this Ed?" when the Eds managed to escape the school dance without being harmed from Rolf's oversized dance suit tearing down the school.
  • This is the second time Ed's sleepwalking/sleepeating problems are seen. The first time was in "A Glass of Warm Ed."
  • Lee and Marie are the first characters to say "Holy Toledo." Jonny would later say this in "Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed."
  • No scams took place in this episode.
  • We learn in this episode more about the Kanker's evil rages: Taking the Kankers' ship bottle + Having them realize it's missing = The Destruction of Rethink Avenue.
  • Firetrucks and helicopters can be heard in the background at the very end of the episode, so the residents of Peach Creek must have noticed the destroyed Cul-de-Sac and called Emergency Services.
  • When the Kankers get into a fight in Edd's kitchen, you can see black pants, a green top and red cap. It's none other than KEVIN!
  • Ed appears to be afraid of soap in this episode, as he is in "Once Upon an Ed."
  • If you look closely at the title card, you can see a bottle there, referring to the Kanker's ship-in-a-bottle and the plot of the episode.
  • We learn that Edd's mother is very sensitive to adhesive residue on just about anything.
  • All the characters appeared and spoke in this episode.
    • Nazz, Jonny, and Rolf didn't have major appearances in this episode. Rolf was hiding in his cellar for almost the whole episode, Nazz had two small appearances in the middle of the episode, but only had a few lines, and Jonny only had one line with him saying "Run for the hills Plank!"
  • The Kanker Hissy Fit would reappear in the Cul-de-Sac Smash 2: Wheels of Fury game and would be used as a special attack by Lee.
  • Ed was seen in his pajamas instead of his regular clothes throughout the whole episode.
  • Above the Kankers' bed, a poster for a motor boat company can be seen with the phrase "Since 1957." This is a reference to the show's creator Danny Antonucci, whose birth year was 1957.



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Ed, Edd n Eddy Run For Your Ed

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