Entrance sign.

Sarah and Jimmy's Rich Club (written as "$arah and Jimmy$ Rich Club") was a club held in Ed and Sarah's backyard founded by Sarah and Jimmy. As the name implies, the club is a place for rich people (really the neighborhood kids pretending to be rich) to hang out. Some of the amenities include Jimmy's teddy bear dressed as a butler, toy boats in a blow-up pool to represent yacht racing, and cardboard horses. Members at the club speak very proper English and dress up fancily. Initially, the club only had Sarah and Jimmy as members, but later the rest of the kids arrived. Rolf wore meat and called himself "The Duke of Deli Meats," Jonny wore a colander on his head (somehow believing this to be a hallmark of rich people), and Kevin wore his normal clothes. Throughout "Stiff Upper Ed," the Eds tried to find ways to become members, failing until Jimmy finally "gave in" and made them servants.



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