Skateboards are featured several times throughout the series and once in the movie.

Abandoned Skateboard

The abandoned skateboard is a purple skateboard with orange wheels. The deck design is a white skull and crossbones on a black background. This skateboard is briefly seen in the beginning of the movie when the destroyed Cul-de-Sac is shown. Curiously, its wheels are still rolling when it's shown.


  • This skateboard closely resembles Kevin's skateboard, as both feature a skull and crossbones on the deck. Possibly, it may belong to him.

Ed's Skateboard

Ed's skateboard is an orange skateboard with yellow wheels. It is only seen in "Knock Knock Who's Ed?" when Sarah throws the Eds out of the house on it. It is unknown if it really belongs to Ed, however, as it is possible that the skateboard belongs to Sarah.


Edd's Skateboard

Edd's skateboard is a green skateboard on grey wheels. It appears briefly in "The Incredible Shrinking Day" music video as Edd is riding it.


Kevin's Skateboard

Kevin's skateboard is an orange skateboard on yellow wheels with a black part on the top and a skull and crossbones drawing on the bottom. Kevin shows off with it by doing stunts while the Kids are looking. Later, Rolf decides to try it too and takes the skateboard from Kevin only to crash into the ramp. Jonny also wanted to try the skateboard out, but Sarah refused to let him, saying that it was Jimmy's turn.


Lost Skateboard

The lost skateboard is an orange skateboard on yellow wheels seen in the school's lost and found. It was pulled out by Eddy as he was searching for different clothes to wear. The deck design is a simple skull and crossbones on an orange background.


  • The skateboard is identical to Kevin's. It is possible that he lost it and someone found it.

Striped Skateboard

The striped skateboard is an orange skateboard on yellow wheels with two white stripes on the griptape. It was seen in "Virt-Ed-Go" when the Eds used it as transportation for their clubhouse materials.


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