The Sky Elevator is only shown in "They Call Him Mr. Ed" as a way to go "up." The elevator starts out as a normal two story elevator, but things changed. Throughout the episode Ed keeps augmenting and building onto the elevator. Finally at the end, it is so tall that it reaches the moon. This is also the only machine of any kind that Ed made alone, although the base elevator was made by Edd. This is certainly the tallest structure or machine of any kind ever made on Ed, Edd n Eddy, (since it reached into space all the way to the moon) although the Elevation Boots and the World's Scariest BMX Ramp got close.

Construction Items

  • Fridge (Main Top Floor Entrance)
  • Microwave (Minor Top Floor Entrance)
  • Tons of plywood (Elevator Pieces)
  • Any other item smaller than a house (Workings)
  • Two Story Elevators (Twin Elevators)


  • The background music used in the elevator was a jingle used in a commercial.
  • The inside of the elevator at first was blue and brown, but two more colors appears on it later.
  • Try to look closey in the concept art of the elevator at the top, there is a sign that says AKA.
  • If you look closely at the bottom half of the elevator, you can see a coffin that bears the inscription "RIP: Evil Tim."


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